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Morrison Point Dry Stone Wall Project

Between a Rock and a Hard Place “A few disillusioned Loyalists traded their slice of wilderness for a 26’er of rum and vamoosed to greener pastures. But mostly they stayed and adopted the dependable custom of spreading the work through neighbourly barn-raising bees, and, later, logging bees as well as apple-drying bees.” Peter C Newman Hostages to Fortune, The United Empire Loyalists and the Making of Canada

Prince Edward County has long been known as a destination spot for wineries, beaches and history buffs alike. This island community on the north shore of Lake Ontario boasts a unique rural culture that coexists with a big city influx. A Sunday drive, or a ‘horn trip’ as the locals like to call it, will take you from Picton down to Cressy and back through Waupoos, making sure you stop at Black River Cheese for some fresh curds. On your stop you will find yourself in the fifth township, as it was originally known, today called Marysburgh. A drive along Morrison Point Road in South Mar…

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