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Remembering Jerry F Albert

The recent and sudden passing of the well-known Canadian artist Jerry F Albert has stunned the art world in Canada and abroad.  Jerry not only leaves behind his family, including his wife of almost 50 years, Susan, his two daughters Kristina (Lloyd) Dyrow and Shanna Albert, and his grandson Andrew, he also leaves behind a legacy in his art.
Jerry was born ‘Jaroslav’ in the Medvednica mountain ranges (translated as bear mountain) of central Croatia. He immigrated to Canada, first landing in Toronto but quickly moving on to settle in Frankford Ontario where he grew up. He attended Kemptville College where he met his soon-to-be wife Susan.
Jerry made a career as a paper broker, a profession that had him moving from time to time. He lived in Trenton and then Belleville, across the country to Western Canada, family in tow, and then down into Washington State, USA where he lived for many years. Jerry enjoyed travelling, being out in nature, photography, sketching wildlife and landscapes and w…

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