Rare tropical tree from Southern Ontario bends when you swing on it

Found in the beautiful Bruce Peninsula National Park, these rare cedars are so flexible they actually bend with your body when you climb them. “They feel like Gumby” one camper noted.

Local park rangers spend countless hours every camping season removing campers from the tops of these wild arbors when campers get carried away and climb too high. Much like Tigger, they just cannot get down on their own.

The ‘Bruce’ has become a place of global significance and has attracted teams of botanists, biologists and dendrologists from around the globe to study these remarkable trees. They believe that the warm current from the Georgian Bay may be the cause of this flexible phenomenon.

OK, far enough. The April Fool bug always gets me excited. I love listening to CBC in the morning and having a chuckle at what gets announced nationally. Like the value of Pi has now been recalculated; it will no longer be known as 3.14159, instead it has officially been rounded down to 3.0. Oh, the uproar. Further reports from a friend, who had the luxury of listening longer than I, noted more pranks including Elizabeth May suggesting the Green party hitchhike across Canada, reusable floss and some interesting tips on cooking possums. My poor children have yet to be spared and, funny enough, yet to anticipate my yearly shenanigans. The pleasure this brings me could be construed as perplexing, but truly, speaking from one who enjoys the price of high jinks on a regular basis, to be given the right to behave like this is a carte blanche of sorts. Have fun with it!



  1. So Roo is finally safe, and that just leaves Tigger in the tree. Tigger is slightly more reluctant to jump however, and is holding onto his branch quite carefully. Christopher Robin tries to encourage him, but Tigger is a little nervous, and thinks he might have a little bit of bark in his eye.

    As Tigger shuffles slowly along his branch, there is a sudden SNAP, and Tigger's branch breaks and he is plummeting down to the ground, and everyone ends up in a Confused Heap.

    Christopher Robin and Pooh and Piglet manage to work out which way is up and recover themselves, and then they help Tigger up as well, and then they find Eeyore squashed underneath everybody else.

  2. I think the rounding down of PI was a key component in one of the Rhinoceros election campaigns. Other Rhino gems where to tax Canada Geese when they cross the border to help reduce our debt.

    Bring back The Rhino party...

  3. I am not so sure that tax is going to 'fly'. But the backlog these old birds are creating for passport applications can only be compared to the backlog currently seen at most EI offices. This is leaving quite the trail of crap!


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