Learning from Fellow Writers

Writing can get complicated.

It is one of those professions that Canadian society would like to consider a hobby. It carries with it a cloud of mystery, a reputation of late sleepers who rebel against the working class and drink a lot. Admittedly some of that may be true to an extent, but considering this attitude an absolute can have a peculiar way of playing on writer’s insecurities. Should one admit to being a writer, they may find themselves being questioned on their ‘real’ job. My suggestion, hang out with more like minded people, i.e. writers.

Check your local listings for writing festivals; you may be quite surprised at the variety of the events and the quality of the information. It is a great chance to meet other authors and muse over what is out there for you to explore.

All readings will be held in the loft space above Books and Company Bookstore, 289 Main Street, Picton. Book-lovers can buy a Festival Pass for $15 to attend any and all events, or pay $5 for individual events. With the current economy in mind, prices have not been raised.

Friday May 22 Friday Night Fiction
Features three exciting novelists: NYT best-selling author Andrew Pyper [The Killing Circle, Lost Girls], Giller Prize nominee Shani Mootoo [Valmiki’s Daughter] and comedic writer/TV producer Lisa Gabriele [The Almost Archer Sisters]. 7:30 p.m. Generously sponsored by Mathers Law Office, Picton.

Saturday May 23 Author Breakfast Panel
Coffee, pastries, conversation! Join writers Zoe Whittall and Lisa Gabriele in moderated discussion with writer and publicity maverick Julie Wilson [http://www.seenreading.com/] about the impact of technology and on good old once-upon-a-time creativity. A candid glimpse into the lives of working writers. 9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

More Fiction and Poetry
is a dazzling quintet of poets and fiction writers: local literary light Andrew Binks [The Summer Between], poet Zoe Whittall [Precordial Thump], Giller nominee Anthony de Sa [Barnacle Love], poet Ronna Bloom with her new collection [Permiso] and Sherri Vanderveen with her critically acclaimed second novel [Absent]. Generously sponsored by Slickers Ice Cream, Bloomfield. 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Just The Facts: Non-fiction is hot.
Kingston author Susan Olding brings us thought-provoking life lessons from her essay collection Pathologies; Elizabeth Abbott, nominated for the Lionel Gelber non-fiction prize, shares Sugar: A Bittersweet History and Eric Silbin [ former music critic for The Montreal Gazette] tells us all about rediscovering Bach’s suites for cello. Generously sponsored by Portabella Restaurant, Picton. 2:00- 4:00 p.m.


  1. Hello dear Janet! I missed you!!! This is a very nice and useful post, I wish I could live closer to be part of these events. :) Take care dear!

  2. Being around writers is inspiring and encouraging.

    There's a couple your missed:

    The Elora Writers' Festival, June 7

    Eden Mills Writers' Festival Sept 18029, 2009

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  4. Janet,

    Leonard Cohen Budapest


    Great man,great work!



  5. Hello Steve,

    I have been meaning to respond to this comment for some time - interestingly, on this same day that you made this post Leonard Cohen was in Kingston On (45 mins from where I live) - and I did not attend - I do hope you see him in Budapest.

    Quite poetic!
    Hugs back.


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