Change your thinking
Let new experience
Be your torch
Chloe liked Olivia
Your torch now lit
Let this experience
Change your world

Take the torch
With courage tell it
Forge ahead of all
Chloe liked Olivia
She will forge further
With courage tell her
How to take her torch

Take truth and freedom
Your mind to the edge
“Fullness of expression”
Chloe liked Olivia
Full of expression
Step out to the edge
Freedom equals truth

Quote from A Room of One's Own, Virginia Woolf

Freedom to express, try The NaiSaiKu Challenge


  1. Guess it's time I read this book. It will always remind me of you, beautie.

    Much love my friend!

  2. Nicely strung together with a 'golden thread'.

  3. When we can express fully who we are, then, are we truly free.

  4. How profound, let new experience be our torch...

    thanks for this! ~hugs~

  5. Thank you all for your feedback. I am honoured.

    It is my hope that we all have enough courage and freedom to express ourselves honestly - so, 'no holding back!'


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