That which makes us young again…

One evening last week my big black lab and I headed out for a hike at one of our favourite provincial parks. After an invigorating climb through trails up and down steep hills, poor Bailey was quite worn out. As he quickly approaches the 10 year mark in his life, we are seeing his age sneak up on him. He sleeps for much of the day, getting up after a long nap is quite laborious for him and his back legs are strained under all 120 lbs of him.

After the trek in the woods, we headed down to the river for a dip to cool off. Although he is a gorgeous water dog, these days his uncertainty in his back legs prevents him from leaping into the water for that well deserved swim. I have to lead him into the water until it is deep enough and then swim with him. This was really therapeutic for both of us. I do adore him so.

Following the swim I got out, dried off and grabbed my book. I settled in at the river’s edge for a good read, but what happened next took me from my reading. Bailey found friends in the frogs. His whole energy changed. It was brilliant. My heart was light and my breathing made easy to watch one of my best friends acting this young and childish again. His whole body was youthfully wagging, his ears were perked with childish giddy and his tail was wiling his new friends on, “play with me”.

As I sat there and watched him play in the river, the old adage came to mind "You are as young as you feel" and I reflected on the things in life that make me feel younger.

Swimming – Anywhere, but preferable in the lake. River swimming is fun as the current pushes you along, ocean swimming is refreshing and awe inspiring, lake swimming is my favourite, in particular, Lake Ontario. Don’t forget to take in some skinny dipping whenever you can.

Listening to music – and sing along too.

Flirting –It is harmless and can really lift both parties involved. Keep it innocent and friendly and always stay in control of your behavior. Flirting can reduce your stress, boost your confidence and make you feel young and attractive.

Watching fireworks - whilst lying on the grass with your best friend.

Spending time with elders – this is certainly a win-win. The stories you will come away with are priceless and the history is quite remarkable. Thank you, Ted.

Watching comedies - Although he is infamous, I love watching Woody Allen. He is clever and neurotic.

New love - the kind where you feel like you can do anything! Whether you are just falling into love, or rediscovering it with your longtime lover, love makes your heart young.

Being completely ridiculous – going nuts until my teenagers have to give in and laugh hysterically.

These are just to name a few. Feel free to add to this list. What makes you feel young again?


  1. What a beautiful list, Janet! I agree about the fireworks! Somehow I feel so young and carefree when I watch the fireworks in New Year's eve.

    Another thing that makes me feel young is being with my parents and brother. I feel that I am protected.

    Spending time with my daughter also makes me feel young. We shop together for girly stuff like stationery and glittery pens and anything pink! haha.

    This is a lovely post, really. Why don't you tag other bloggers to do a post like this its very refreshing.I felt happy reading this post, thanks Janet!

  2. Yes, lovely post Janet, a story in itself.

    Great to hear about Buddy getting excited again. Our old dog used to similarly look tired all the time near the end, but would still perk up when she heard 'walkies'.

    I guess running is my biggest youth elixir at the moment, especially as it's going well at the moment. Or getting out hiking: back to nature.

  3. Thank you Cynthia. I am really not sure how to tag things - but I do look forward to feed back on this one - and I see you did something similar in August - I enjoyed that one!

    Marc - after I posted this, I thought about running too. The getting started isn't easy for me, but once things get into a rhythm, I am happy. We share the love of hiking for sure.

  4. Just loved to hear about it. Your dog is simply CUTE! I'll follow you and write about the things that make me feel young again.

    I love coming and reading about you and your life, it's just great to discover we have so many things we have in common, you'll see in my post.

    Thank you for your kind comments and e-mails.
    Much love from Brazil.


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