Emily Schultz

Dear Emily,

A mishmash of The Smiths and Eminem; I find you sexy, cheeky, a quirky little thing. Of the writers in attendance, you appear to be the youngest (I think), sitting at an honourable table amidst Lorna Crozier, Gil Anderson, Kim Echlin, Jeanette Lynes…to name a few – there you sit sporting a freakin' crazy ass tattoo on your right arm – your favourite lines of a Patrick Lane poem – ensconced in your sacred skin – swaddled about your forearm…my mind swirls about thinking of Lorna there - the star - there - Patrick, not there, but present...thanks to you.

You emerge from the crowd of well endorsed writers to read about 'things to do in heaven if you're bored' because Heaven Is Small – over and over we are pounded with the abused Harlequin known word “whilst”…and whilst, and whilst again…

Lorna pictured enjoying Emily, as much as the rest of us did...

As observed by myself,
Well done,
Janet Jarrell


  1. hi nice to know u :)
    can we have link exchange?

  2. Hi Janet,

    Just had to greet you Kung Hei Fat Choy and Happy Valentine's day my friend!

  3. Hello Janet,

    I found your blogs through my Brazilian buddy, Kenia Cris. I love both of them! Even though poetry is my special (very special) love, I really enjoy this one too. Very interesting posts and beautiful pictures. Thanks!



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