QUIZ: TED wants to know what you are willing to pay for.

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is in the news, trending, and on the move north – to Canada! Carrying a slogan of “Ideas worth spreading”, TED and TEDActive are currently held in Long Beach and Palm Springs, with a planned move to Vancouver and Whistler respectively this year.

One of the largest movements for our generation (the Gen Xers and Millennials) is the non-profit, free education of TED Talks. With a global audience of billions, one may be hard pressed to find someone that is unfamiliar with the fast paced and growing ideas of these conferences. Just YOUTUBE it and you will see for yourself.

Malcolm Gladwell, a past presenter, might say that if it is on TED, it has hit it’s ‘Tipping Point’. With it’s growth, TED has spurred TEDGlobal, TEDxParis and many more, including the TED Ideas Lab. This lab, partnering with The Globe and Mail, is currently debating how much you would pay for better health care, education and other public services Canadians consider funded by our taxes dollars. 

Would you pay extra for;

·      Better supplies in your own child’s classroom?
·      Decreasing your waiting period for surgery?
·      For a members-only lane on the 401?
·      Acceptance to any University in Canada?

These questions and more make up a quiz you can take in just minutes to find out how you feel about the role that money plays in our public services.
What do you think the economist Adam Smith would have said about this in his 18 minutes on TED? Take the quiz now.


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