Amazon Drone Delivery - to your front door in 30 minutes or less!

Online shopping has always been easy, convenient and fast – but it just got better! Free shipping? How about delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less?

In a service Amazon is calling Prime Air, delivery drones will be able to carry items up to five pounds, which accounts for 86% of all deliveries Amazon currently makes. Amazon offers a myriad of products, including everything from books, bathing suits to a Kindle, and as soon as you hit the buy button, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) will pick up the package at the Amazon warehouse center and fly directly to your front door.

Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, is no stranger to high tech advancements. His forward thinking entrepreneurial ideas and futurist developments continue to push the envelope. In the 1990’s when most consumers were leery of online shopping, his belief in e-commerce made him a pioneer in the game. Today, living up to Bezos’ expectations, the number of online shoppers has grown exponentially.
In the near future, delivery drones will be as common as today’s UPS. Bezos added that the drones’ motors are electric, offering a green alternative to the current delivery trucks. Using GPS co-ordinates, the drones will be able to fly to the destination without the guidance of man.

Awaiting FAA approval, the UAV’s are being tested around the world to ensure they are air worthy. A video of one of these test flights was posted to Amazon’s website showing a sealed parcel pickup and delivery.

These drones are ready and waiting to hit the skies near you. Sure, there are many small issues that need to be debugged, like public safety – you sure wouldn’t want one of these UAV’s hitting you in the head – nevertheless, this technology is one of the greatest advancements since virtual reality, 3D printers, or PayPal. It is definitely worth getting excited about!

We will certainly be seeing them within the next five years, but if Amazon gets its way, these drones, called ‘octocopters’, will be at your front door by 2015! Yet another great idea by Bezos – and this one is definitely going to fly!


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