11:11 It is about time…

My bedside clock read 5:55am this morning; time to rise and shine. “Its gonna be a bright sun shiny day” was coming through CBC Radio 2 as my good morning wake-up call.

Quite often as of late, I have noticed repeating digits during my day, or night, when I look for the time. At first I simply believed it was a coincidence and it was dismissed. Eventually, I started noticing just how often these coincidences were occurring and my curiosity was peaked. I was compelled to look into this phenomenon and, therefore, I did what any logical person in my position would do; I googled it.

To my surprise, this phenomenon was quite common across the google informed world. To my relief, I was not a basket case, but rather someone quite special; a chosen one. According to many of the interesting sites, I was chosen to receive divine signs from God. Deep breath; thank you, God, for making me matter. I am one of a chosen few.

From that point on, whenever I saw 2:22 or 5:55 or 11:11, I was compelled to pause, make note of the momentous moment, and then pass it on to other believers, other faithful ones, other chosen ones. It became a bit of a game within my family; a bit of a joke within my circle of friends; it was never mentioned to co workers for fear of their discernment or good sense.

Finally, thank the Lord, this morning, this day, as I rose at 5:55 am I had a well-timed epiphany. It is all about time. Time is of the utmost import here. Time, the universal measurement used by everyone world wide – it is ticking along, so make the best of it, use it or waste it wisely; but do not take it for granted.

Carpe diem.


  1. Mee too! Positively perfect way to start the day.

  2. I am obsessed with the time 12:34 - not sure on the significance of my obsession, but I'm sure it's God using me as a vessel for good :)

  3. 1, 2, 3, 4...Truthfully Dave, I remember you being obessed with counting - God is using you. However, what you may be counting these days may be a bit different from those Catholic, uniform rebellious years.

    By the way, JoanneR is my little sister; yes, the pretty one with the long hair.

  4. poke poke poke...

    Well I suppose you told me about the whole thing.

    Rampant ego as always.

    Funny, interesting, and cool... check check check.
    It should be printed out and kept under a rock with the words "Goddess" printed on it. How much did that cost by the way?

    It should also be lit up by stars on broadway... or somewhere more glamorous... written in the stars? Printed in fancy scribe on someone's bum?

    Depends on your audience I suppose.

    ...I have to type the word vertskin to be able to post this... sounds interesting.

  5. Matthew James Cook where esq in latin means self proclaimed narcissist ,

    Tune in, there is more where this came from.



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