The great Christmas tree debate...

This past weekend the girls and I ventured out on our annual search for ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ tree. On our way to a friends Christmas tree farm, we enjoyed the music of Vince Guaraldi in the aforementioned special. We reminisced about watching Charlie Brown and Linus on their pursuit to find the perfect tree only to find a myriad of aluminum, pre-decorated take-it-home-Christmas-will-be-perfect trees. Alas, lo and behold, there was one lonely, sparse pathetic tree just waiting to be loved; now known as the proverbial ‘Charlie Brown Christmas tree’. We have made the search for it our annual adventure.

Upon arriving at the farm, we walked through the trails, found what looked like the best tree top and cut it down. That is, we cut the top down. I like this particular farm as the policy is to cut the top of a tree thus allowing it to re-grow. I am ever aware of the environment and my contribution to its preservation. That being said, I am ever aware that I want a REAL tree. I suppose admitting that prevents me from qualifying for true tree hugging hippie credibility. I do not aspire to that fastidious status – if I did I would likely have a ‘living tree’, but I am getting off tree topic.

Real tree or not to be? - that is the question. Or in terms of consumerism – does one buy a real tree or an artificial tree?

Personally, I believe these artificial plastic mutants are sucking the spirit out of Christmas; further, the list of chemicals and toxins involved pose significant hazards to consumers. Allow yourself a little research time and you will reconsider even touching the thing (side note – assembly is required) let alone inviting your children to help decorate; and then there is the issue of those hungry tree eating pets…

OK, maybe I am a wee bit over the top here, especially considering the hypocrisy involved – yes, I own one of these spirit suckers myself. That being said, it is in the original box, is like new, in excellent shape and listed on kijiji, craigslist and any other free classifieds I could get at. I can’t sell it. But I can try and give it away.

My advice, “get real”. Should you or someone you know choose to go the artificial route and are in need of a 6.5 foot sable fir, let me know. I might be tempted to lecture the ill informed new owner, but then I run the risk of barking up the wrong tree.

“…and on earth peace, good will toward men. That is what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown.”



  1. There should be more tree farm policies that cut the top's off only.
    Did you find a pathetic one - or something nice? I like your pathetic looking trees. Especially the time we cut the 'whole' tree down and Karl dropped his camera in the crik, trying to save Claire from the rapids.

  2. Us lumberjack wannabees - that tree looked better in the woods than in the house - it was cedar!
    Poor poor Karl. I remember trying to dry out the camera by the woodstove. He looked like he was going to be sick...

  3. Thank you Mark - I know I am!


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