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Listening to the Vinyl Café on Sunday, I was full of nostalgia. Stewart McLean and the gang were performing live in Smithers, a small town in north western BC about 5 hours from my home in Prince Rupert; then. (then being about seven years ago).

I have been hearing great things as of late from this little town and it is nothing short of inspirational; to begin with, the drive from Smithers to Prince Rupert is the most beautiful stretch of highway in all of Canada to paraphrase Stewart McLean. Further, there is the sensational Alex Cuba ; I encourage you to explore him!

Finally, we have Ali Howard!
Ali, a 33 year old Smithers resident, is about to venture on a trip to remember. She is swimming the entire length of the Skeena River (610 km) starting at the Sacred Headwaters and finishing in the Pacific Ocean. This swim personifies the annual migration swim of the Skeena Wild Salmon. Ali, a professional chef at The Cliffs at Kispiox River – Bear Claw Lodge ,was inspired by friends and active members of the SWCC.

Ali’s purpose on this adventure is to raise awareness of the importance of the Skeena watershed. The river is one of the longest un-damned rivers in the world, the swift cold waters mean big healthy fish, and it is one of the longest runs of wild steelhead on the planet!

I can personally attest to the year round cold of the waters in northern BC having jumped into Lakesle one May long weekend (it literally “took my breath away”!). So with a dry suit and an impressive team that has dedicated itself to the safety of Ali on this three week trip, she hits the water on July 16th. Chris Gee is the key player, a kayaker and swift water rescue technician from Hazelton, who will closely follow Ali on her swim, in addition to a professional safety team trained by Rescue 3 International.

Please join this team effort on Facebook at

Feel free to e-mail this new Canadian female inspiration at .

Good luck to you, Ali!


  1. How exciting! I can't wait to hear how she does!
    The river picture is beautiful. I can't wait to post some of Spring River for everyone to view.


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