Insight from the Dalai Lama

"We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot survive without human affection."

(I'm with you by archlover via deviantArt)

Early Saturday morning, as my girls and I were shuffling around the house readying ourselves for a day at the beach, I was presented with a hug from my teenage daughter. This moment of affection truly had a lasting impact on me, lifting my spirits for the rest of that busy day. I reflected on the significance of this simple gesture. I am not sure if she realized the effect it had on me, as it stayed with me.

I have come to understand our desire to be loved and appreciated has derived from a fundamental human need. The need for human affection. Extending human affection to the people in our lives by way of a simple touch, a warm hug or a soft kiss has a positive impact on our relationships. This basic physical interaction enhances the health and well being of both the giver and the receiver. A true win win! By being open to affection you invite those around you to show their affection in return. Furthermore, by extending yourself to your loving partner, your independent teenager, or whoever is important in your life, you are helping maintain the longevity of that relationship.

Somehow, I stumbled on this quick blog relating to Human Affection and I thought I would share the link. I like the quote and the way it was interpreted too.

It is simple and sweet - love and be loved today.


  1. That's a beautiful post! Hugs are certainly powerful due to the amount of affection and vital energy people share when they hug. What could I send you today but my best hug?!

  2. Yeah, great message, and a wonderful life enhancing thought from the Dalai Lama!

  3. Kenia - I surprised my daughter with this post - we both felt great.

    Andy - you sweet takling guy you!


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