Nino Ricci The Origin of Species

As the site reads,

“Nino Ricci's newest novel, The Origin of Species, is the winner of the 2008 Governor General's Award for Fiction. Set in Montreal in the 1980s, it tells the story of one man's search for love, meaning, and guilt-free sex while trying to get over the scars of an ill-fated trip to the Galapagos.”

I have been waiting in the long queue at my local library to read this book. The last time I checked, my placed had dropped to 4th in line. I have been busy with other books, so I was none too concerned about the wait. But then I noticed, while looking at the upcoming Writer’s Festival in Elora, Ontario, Nino Ricci is on the list of readers.

Again, just another motivation for me to stay in touch with these local festivals.

The Elora Writers' Festival, June 7

It is written.


  1. My dearest friend,
    Thank you muchly for your happy birthday messages, I'll keep them in my heart forever! Thank Claire for the photo courtesy (I love photography and her shot is awesome!) and I must say it was also lovely to meet your whole family - Your daughters are sooooo beautiful, as much as you yourself.

    I'm passing to tell you there is a blog award to you in Poesia Torta, I know you don't hang them around here but it's for you anyhow, you can keep it inside a drawer! :) All my love to you, take care. I'll write a decent e-mail later. Did you see my birthday picture in the blog? The first 4 parties, I had another one this morning and will have 2 more later. :P Kisses on the tip of your nose! Loveeeeeee,


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