Alma gêmea

(Syrup and honey by 6eternity9 via devantArt)

We soften each others fears
Allusions, illusions
Aimlessness, lives together
Twin brain, twin soul, soul mate
Aimlessness lives, together
Alluded, illuded
We soften each others fears

Still 'illuded' by The NaiSaiKu Challenge



  1. Oh Janet, I'm so happy you gave such a strong piece of poetry a title in Portuguese!! :))))))))))

    I'm finally on vacation and I'll be e-mailing you soon. I miss you muchly, I suppose you've been busy these days, but hope everything is alright! Kisses on your cheeks and much love to you and the girls.

  2. Hi Janet, lovely ! I love the idea of the soul mate, and the twin brain, and twin soul. Goes great with the form too!

  3. Kenia - thanks for the kisses on my nose too!

    Andy - thank you, your feedback is appreciated as always.


  4. interesting, twisting and illusionary !!!! brilliant :)


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