The Odyssey of Ali Howard

I decided to check up on my facebook today. I have found that Facebook is a world of its own and every now and then it gets interesting in there. Sometimes it is a friend request from some long forgotten boy from the past, sometimes it is an invitation to an interesting event, and then sometimes it is an update from one of the groups I follow.

This one caught my eye - Ali’s Facebook Group - what is going on with Ali Howard? She is in the Vancouver Sun. I clicked on the link and read with some inexplicable sentiment sitting in my throat.

She takes to the water tomorrow!

This led me to my own blog, to re-read an article I posted back in March of this year when I first heard about this inspiring girl.

Ali Howard

To recap, she is swimming the entire length of the Skeena River (610 km) starting at the Sacred Headwaters and finishing in the Pacific Ocean. Ali’s purpose on this adventure is to raise awareness of the importance of the Skeena watershed. The river is one of the longest un-damned rivers in the world, the swift cold waters mean big healthy fish, and it is one of the longest runs of wild steelhead on the planet!

Something about this story makes me a little bit home sick, makes me proud of having some connection to B.C. and, since she is originally from Ottawa, Ontario, just makes me proud to be Canadian. OK, I got a little wishy-washy there – but I really do throw my support behind Ali. I am once more struck with the awe of this venture and the gusto with which she has pushed forward.

Again, feel free to e-mail this new Canadian female inspiration at .

And again, good luck Ali on your odyssey to become the first person to swim the entire Skeena River.


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