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Last night I was invited to a very charming gathering at Fields On West Lake – better known in The County as The Red Barn.

The Red Barn is a romantic heritage spot in the middle of nowhere at the centre of everything. When asked to say a few words about this special place, the owners actually choked with sentiment; their passion for this inherited property was clearly evident.

When I arrived, I noticed the beautiful old century brick home surrounded by farm land and that locally famous barn. Upon entering the barn, I was delighted with the surroundings. High ceilings, large windows allowing plenty of natural sunlight in, and those hanging lamps that made for dreamy lighting later in the evening.

The focus of this gathering was on the ‘Creative Mind’ which in essence encourages and supports creative ways to exist in the County, or as I heard a few times during the evening 'igniting our Creative Rural Economy'. There was a wide variety of people in the audience, from farmers to wine makers, local shop owners to publishers, artists to authors, quite an eclectic group.

My favourite presenter was the very lively Peta Hall who delivered the most memorable quote of the evening (in my opinion). After briefly listing the many places she had visited around the globe in order to find her home, she related that upon coming to the County she felt instantly welcome. She was thrilled with her luck, loved this place and the people and said she felt as though “I landed my bum in the butter.”


In these days of big box stores, over consumerism and the need to sell, sell, sell, this meeting of creative minds served as a confirmation of sorts for me.

One can certainly live on, by and through their true passion.


  1. Beautiful post and possibly an unforgettable experience! Living by true passion - I guess all of us must be assured this is not just a dusty dream at all!!!

    I'm eager to hear more about this Creative Mind meeting and the effects it had on you. Please keep me informed!!!

    Love from your friend in Brazil!

  2. I enjoyed reading and to know about "Creative mind" and 'igniting our Creative Rural Economy'...our home!

  3. Howdy,how are you. Please visit me again.


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